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Homestay in Dandeli
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Amara Homestay (Resort) in Dandeli is situated in Gund village, Dandeli and just 5 km away from famous picnic spot Syntheri Rocks.

Dandeli is welknown for adventure tourism activities, it is ideal place for water rafting, trekking, night camps, bird watching etc.,

Dandeli is best place to celebrate your Vacation / Holiday.
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Dandeli Attraction: Wildlife Sanctury, White Water Rafting, Trekking, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Cave Visits, Jungle Safari.

Amara Homestay (Dandeli)

Dandeli is the ideal vacation destination for nature lover. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a heady mix of nature, adventure and wildlife, this city in Uttar Kannada district of South India is growing in stature as the leading tourist destination.

Dandeli is surrounded by natural, historic and religious landmarks. The river Kali, the caves of Kavla, the Syntheri rocks, and other landmarks including the Ulvi temple, Sykes point and the Supa hydroelectric dam. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary offers wide range of adventure activities that tourist can undertake for their entertainment and knowledge during their visit to the sanctuary.

The sanctuary offers the chance to enjoy the thrilling experience of white water rafting, Jungle Safari, Bird Watching etc.,

Adventure Activities in Dandeli

Water Rafting, Trekking in National park, visit to Spice farm, Herbal Medicine Plantation, Caves visits, night walk, bird watching.
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