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Adventure Activities in Dandeli

Dandeli is surrounded by natural, historic and religious landmarks. The river Kali, the caves of Kavla, the Syntheri rocks, and other landmarks including the Ulvi temple, Sykes point and the Supa hydroelectric dam.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary offers a wide range of activities that tourist can undertake for their entertainment and knowledge during their visit to the sanctuary. The sanctuary offers the chance to enjoy the thrilling experience of white water rafting. The sanctuary provides rafting opportunities at the Virnoli Rapids connected to the Kali River. Tourist can also undertake nature walks, boating, bird watching, crocodile spotting and angling trips offered by the sanctuary.

Adventure Activities

Water Rafting, Kayaking, Boating, River Crossing, Jungle Safari, Jungle Trekking,

Tourist Attractions Around Dandeli

Anashi Tiger Reserve Area, Syntheri Rocks, Historic Ulavi Temple, Moulangi Eco Park, Sykes Point, Supa Dam, Back Water & etc, are popular tourist attractions around Dandeli.